Titanium casting

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Galleon TH JSC is an official dealer of "Zelenodolsk Plant named after A. M. Gorki" JSC in sales of titanium castings and other products in the territory of RF and CIS countries.

In many cases, it is more expedient to use titanium alloy parts than similar parts from stainless steel due to extension of service life, especially in corrosive medium. Titanium parts are half as heavy as steel ones, and are not inferior thereto and even overmatch them in technical characteristics.

Modern equipment of the workshop enables manufacture of articles of the most complicated structure, weighing up to 2750 kg with wall thickness above 3mm, up to 2.5 meter diameter, and up to 1.5 meter height. The plant produces wide range of shaped castings from titanium alloys, applied in shipbuilding, machine building, space engineering and enginery.


Over a long period, the plant has been specialized in manufacture of valve fittings, pump bodies and impellers, compressors for corrosive medium in full compliance with world standards.

With titanium blank available at warehouse required for production of these products, Galleon TH JSC is ready to execute as soon as practicable any order for titanium casting exceeding the dimensions indicated above.

Use of titanium alloys is essentially economical due to increase of service life of parts, especially operating in sea water and aggressive medium.