Stamped blanks

Штампованные заготовки

Dimensions of the flanges produced:

  • Nominal diameter - 15-800 mm

Galion TH JSC offers cooperation in deliveries of collar and flat flanges as per OST1-90070 from stainless and constructional steel grades, as per OST12820-80, 12821-80 from stainless and constructional steel grades. Products are delivered in machined and non-machined condition following complete range of control measures. If appropriate, the flanges can be delivered from FSUE "Aviatekhpriemka" with Customer Acceptance.

Mark       Outside diamter, mm  Inside diamter, mm  Height
EI437Bvd EI698ish
 EP517sh EP718id
 EP742ish etc.
600-1200 450-800 ≥300